melting in michigan

My final three hours of ballet accompaniment took place in an un-airconditioned studio.  It rained most of the morning yesterday, so the temperatures were a less brutal. Still it was very hot. The students were tired both mentally and physically. In each of the two classes, the teachers had their work cut out for them.

I came home much more tired than I had anticipated.  I fell asleep briefly reading under the fan. Then I deposited the check from the ballet people now that I had earned it, practiced organ and did grocery shopping. Eileen came home and we drove to Saugatuck for a relaxing evening of chatting with some new friends acquaintances.

Eileen works as a volunteer Master Gardener at the Farmers Market today and has already left. I am planning to go purchase some local produce then Eileen and I are meeting in air conditioned restaurant for lunch.


Lawyers rush to cite Henry v. Dow | Michigan Messenger

Businesses are benefiting from this recent Supreme Court ruling. In this case the business is Dow Chemical company. The denied class action is regarding the deadly mess they have of our beautiful Michigan environment.


CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST: The Supply of Science Ph.D.’s

I find it kind of sad and funny that this article is about how higher ed isn’t keeping up with technology. It points to an article in Nature about it which of course is pay only to view. This is part of the problem with so called educated people and their weird attitude toward information and technology. As long as we understand our lives as one of consuming and content of living as commodity, we are going to miss much of what makes life interesting and worthwhile.


Hello, Adjunct, Meet Prof. Cozy


This point of this  book review of The Faculty Lounges and Other Reasons Why You Won’t get the College Education You Paid For seemed so obvious to me that at first I didn’t bother to read it.

Incompetent and ill informed professors seem to be very prevalent. Adjuncts are doing most of the teaching in the USA for much less money.  I have felt for decades that the education system in the US is broken and not working.  This is both as a student myself and a parent of students.


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