meeting people online and also getting a bit more up to speed with my cool new phone


Yesterday I received an email from a man named Dennis Aubrey. He and P J McKey are photographers who specialize in documentaing extant Romanesque and Gothic art and architecture. They regularly post the pictures and charming commentary on their web site.


I found them via the Linked In Medieval and Renaissance Study group.


I regularly pass links along of their work both here and on Facebook and admire their work quite a bit.


Apparently Dennis back tracked me somehow (easy to do) and found this web site and emailed. I love it when that happens. For me this is the Interwebs at its best, connecting directly with interesting people. So if you’re reading this, Dennis, Hi! and thanks for connecting.

Over the years I have met a few interesting people via the Interwebs. Sometimes an author or composer finds me. I figure they’re googling their names. There is George Tarasuk, an organist in Chicago that I have never met, but we have connected with in various ways online for years.

I hope someday to meet him in person (Hi George! if you’re reading).


Eileen and I  went for what has become our weekly drinks and dinner last night. This is a high point of my week, time alone with my beloved and a martini. What’s not to love?


We talk about our day and play with our new phones. (post blog note: Sarah mentioned that several pics were not loading properly. I think I have fixed it. You should be able to see the next six pics now)



I came home from a funeral I played yesterday and found my Zingerman’s order on the steps.


Mmmm. Cheese and bread from one of their sales.


As you can probably tell, I’m loving my new smart phone. I’m finding ways to use that are not only fun but also helpful.

When I choose organ music I consult a large file of 4×6 cards that I have kept for a very long time. Usually I type the selections into a google doc so that I can access the list with my laptop at work. But Wednesday I got a brilliant idea.


Why not take a quick pic of it?


Yesterday I found time to grocery shop. I could do this because before I left for my errands I took a pic of the list on the fridge.


You’ll notice I’m using the software, Evernote. Very helpful. Recommended. I can keep pics and notes to myself that will automatically synchronize themselves between my computers and my phone.

Daughter Elizabeth recommended the Chrome plug in which enables me to clip a web site to an Evernote doc.


Voilà! I have the citations of books I want to look at in my phone. This is especially helpful with the interface my library uses which annoyingly refreshes every minute or so regardless of whether you are active on the page (i.e. scrolling up and down).


How the Pope Is Chosen – Michael Robbins

Michael Robbins posted a poem by James Tate that I thought was kind of funny.


Poet Goes to Building on Fire: Anne Carson’s Beautiful, Wacky, Heroic New Book | Observer

I recently linked a review of Carson’s work. I now have a book by her sitting by the chair and have read the first section. I was delighted to see that Robbins had reviewed her book as well. I plan to read this link soon.


Gentlemen Prefer Loos | berfrois

Another article bookmarked to read. It purports to connect James Joyce to the book Gentlemen prefer blondes. I’m game.



I just listened to this video with my good speakers. Amazing 44 second reverb.


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  1. I’m afraid six of the pictures you uploaded are not showing.. I’ve tried loading the page on my ipad and computer… but no luck. I’d like to see your pics. x x

    1. Okay. I think I fixed it. I’m also sending you a link to give you a heads up. Thank you so much for letting me know. You are in my mind a lot when I put pics up. Love from Dad

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