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Eileen and I marched with this group yesterday protesting the Holland City Council’s vote against adding sexual orientation language to already existing discrimination ordinances.

Here are some links to reporting about it:

Young marchers make voices heard at city hall over housing ordinance Holland Sentinel

Young people promise to march “until love is equal” in Holland | Michigan Radio

We marched to the Holland Council Meeting and sat through its agenda until time for public comment. Then many individuals stepped forward and commented, mostly in support of reconsidering the Council vote against the change.

I am pretty discouraged about politics right now. I am especially unhappy with the highly emotional and angry language and prevalence of obfuscation both intentional and apparently unintentional. But it was inspiring to see so many young people speaking up and participating in this process. It was instructive to listen to people who spoke up in opposition.

We sure are a churchy community. A lot of the comments mentioned religion and it was cited as support for both points of view.

Even though I was struck once again by the mildness of the people in this community. This time I admired it because it seemed to be civility in action.


That Monolithic Tea Party Just Wasn’t There –

This is an article I meant to post yesterday which talks about some interesting takes on the Tea Party stuff. It unfortunately doesn’t say where its polls come from. I do wonder if the the politicians and apologists are more extreme and less reasonable than the rank and file.  I hope so.


The Debt Crisis, Merely Postponed –

Bowles and Simpson weigh in on the topic.


Reagan vs. Patco – The Strike That Busted Unions –

Reagan was the first president of the Screen Actors Guild to lead it in a strike. His stand against air traffic controllers (which I vividly remember happening) changed anti-union rhetoric world wide. Maggie Thatcher ran with it and privatized and ruined the UK.  Some interesting history in this article.


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