many people don’t


I find a small solace when I realize there are still a number of people who are interested in the arts, the life of the mind, and the beauty of words. ¬†Many if not most people’s listening habits do not include classical music. Nor do they seem to range over the many wonderful different styles that one can pull up these days and enjoy.

I find myself being drawn deeper and deeper into many styles of music.

My recent rehearsals of violin sonatas of Bach and Mozart with violinist Amy Piersma have been delightful.

These men’s music is in turns profound and playful, moving and insightful. I love it that somehow emotions of such rewarding nature have been embedded in the scribbles of people who lived centuries ago can still be revived and experienced.

I ran across some interesting pop music yesterday.

There was an article about Lily Allen in the New York Times I was reading. I love it that I was able to pull up her album “Sheezus” on Spotify and sample it. Cool. I love sarcasm in pop music.

Yesterday I had some amusing interchanges with people. At the Farmers Market there was a well dressed man soliciting signatures for a petition. The petition was to put our state legislature on a part time basis. I am more selective than I  used to be about signing petitions for public referendums or what not. I used to feel like elevating questions to be voted on was a worthy and important part of democracy.

Now that I think democracy in America is pretty much gone, I don’t really want to sign petitions of things that are too nutty. However this didn’t seem too nutty to me.

On the lapel of the pastel suit coat of the man was a gold plague that read something like Chairman of the Republican State Committee. I teased the man that I would sign it even though he was Republican. In fact, I confided, many of my friends were Republicans.

He replied grimly, “Government has just gotten out of hand.”

I sighed and handed him back his clip board signed.

At the library yesterday I ran across this book, checked it out and brought it home and started reading it. I am interested in the Book of Common Prayer these days. I think the beauty of the generations of language in it are fascinating. I am attracted to things said beautifully and find it satisfying to run across people and resources dedicated to exposing and discussing them historically.

I have a stake in the Episcopal church because it helped me not entirely reject Christianity out of hand. I remember my first contact with it in Oscoda Michigan.

It was a revelation to me that one could have such deep beauty of words and music in church having been raised on the banality of the faith of my childhood.

The banality ends up serving me as well. I am as comfortable with popular music as academic music. I can find music in both areas that I enjoy, listen to and perform. I think that’s good. Many people don’t have that luxury.

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