Man o man


Eileen madly prepared for the choir party all day yesterday. She was brilliant but it did wear her totally out.


The party went well. Listening to people talk about their lives is always interesting to me.

We did some singing, but not too much. We only made it to page 38 (of 78) of “Trial by Jury” a “cantata” by Arthur Sullivan. I had the feeling that much more would have tried the patience of some of the members. There were some that were probably as crazy as me and ready to sing it all the way through for the heck of it.

But less is more as they say.

I’m kind of tired myself this morning come to think of it. Getting to blogging a bit late. Spent the morning wrestling with Greek.

Doing a little reading and other stuff.

I just sent off the music for Pentecost for the church bulletin. It’s a day late by my own schedule.

I am feeling less and less free to rant and rave here. Many of my observations on people and their behavior are probably not appropriate to air publicly.

Today, Amy Piersma, my violinist friend, and I are scheduled to play for an ice cream social at my Mom’s nursing home. I’m hoping the ┬ánovelty of having a violinist along will suffice so that we can basically play the program we played for a recent gig. Probably need to add a few hymns.

Amy and I meet at 2 PM today. Then we’ll go over and play at the nursing home at 3 PM.

In the meantime, the house is as straight and as clean as it has been in a long time. Easy clean up from last night. Eileen is lazing around recuperating. She is threatening to go help a friend with her yard work today sometime.

Life goes on.

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