lucky me

I’m feeling extraordinarily lucky this morning.

My daughter, Elizabeth, just phoned a while ago. Her plane had landed in Detroit. She sounded chipper after a 12 hour flight from Beijing. I will be picking her up in just over an hour when her second flight arrives in Grand Rapids.

It will be nice to have another person around whom I love and chat with.

Also my boss and her partner gave me a fantabulous gift.

Chris Ware’s new graphic novel. It comes in a beautiful illustrated sturdy box.

Inside are treasures.

This is an amazing generous gift. And I am so flattered that my boss, Jen Adams, and her partner, Beth Trembley, know me well enough to know how much I like stuff like this.

I’m also feeling lucky because yesterday I had a very long satisfying day. It was all stuff I enjoy doing: ballet class, meeting with boss, getting gift from her, practicing organ, preparing for rehearsals, then doing kids choir rehearsal and chamber choir rehearsal.

The kids were lots of fun. I did a ton of prep. I had adapted a song from the St. James curriculum that uses colors to teach the church year. So we started learning that.


We started a new composer: Handel. I made a take home sheet which we read and then we listened to the beginning of “Comfort ye” from Messiah.


I also made a “Cracking the Code” note name worksheet.


Notice I accidentally left out an “n” in (B)(A)njo. Ahem.

Anyway, the other daughter, Sarah, arrives Saturday. Blog posts will probably be sporadic for the next few weeks as I spend time with these two. So that’s what’s going on.

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