lots of stuff to do


I’m pressed for time again this morning. The Farmers Market opens at 8 AM and I plan to be there to pick up my CSA package and buy some chevre and eggs. My first ballet class is at 9 AM. I have four of them today which means six hours in class.

My Mom has developed symptoms of a probably she had years ago. She finds flem constantly filling her mouth and throat. I fear it’s possible that her internist discontinue the meds that were keeping this in abeyance. I just missed the nurse by minutes yesterday at the nursing home. I don’t really have time to get over there today. I will tomorrow.

Mom is also listless and “feeling glum.” She was pretty unresponsive at lunch with Mark and Leigh on Monday. But she at least did get out which is saying something if she is having depression.

After classes yesterday, I zipped over to the library to return the books she had read and get her new ones.

After dropping those off, I went to church and chose four organ pieces for the preludes and postludes for the upcoming two Sundays. I chose little pieces that require little prep at the console. They are mostly manuals (keyboard no pedals) so I can practice them more easily.

Our washer continues to go nuts. Yesterday it probably was in spin cycle for most of the day. When Eileen came home she noticed it. We managed to get to stop. I am trying to trick it right now to complete the cycle. Eileen wondered if the clothes were okay ¬†after a day of spinning. We’ll see.

Gotta Skate.

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