lost a day


I was counting on spending some serious time with upcoming organ music yesterday. It was not to be. I experienced a serious case of sneezes, sniffles, congestion, achy muscles and general miserableness. Practicing in that shape would have been counter productive.

I’m still ill this morning. I hope I can get over to the church and practice and prep for tomorrow.

I found an excellent Greek online site  recently. It has interlinear English with the original of both of Homer’s works, The Iliad and The Odyssey,. It doesn’t exactly provide a word by word translation. Instead when you click on a work, an analysis of it pops up on the right part of the screen. It helpful tells you what word the particular word is derived from. Also it tells exactly the grammatical function of its use in context. It relies on you to use the basic form of the word to look up any meanings you don’t know.

This is perfect for me.

My tablet is sick as well. It does the spontaneous reboot thing randomly. I managed to pull my podcasts off of it and put them on my phone, but the 100 or so  ebooks in my non Kindle reader has been more challenging.  It will probably be Monday before I have the time and energy to take it to the Verizon shop (the FRANCHISE Verizon shop which is 100 per cent better than the company one) and see if they can help. I may have to replace it.

In the meantime I am getting more adept at my stupid smart phone. It’s too small for me to comfortably read books on but listening to podcasts (when one is sick as  dog) works fine.

The Recipe for Life by Michael Chabon | The New Yorker

This is a non fiction piece by this excellent writer about his relationship to his father. Good writing. Good reading. There’s also an embedded recording which I haven’t listened to.

“Bronze” by Jeffrey Euginedes| The New Yorker

Short story bookmarked to read. Also an embed.

The Chief Justice, Searching for Middle Ground – The New York Times

Linda Greenhouse, the author of this piece, always helps me understand the court better.

Remember Langston Hughes’s Anger Alongside His Joy – The New York Times

The first day of Black History month is Hughe’s birthday. How cool is that?


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