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live music

At the organ committee meeting Monday, I heard two people describe what happened in churches that got rid of organs as “taking out the organ and putting in live music.”

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When I mentioned this to both my wife and my boss (who was there and heard at least one person say it), they were surprised. I guess I wasn’t. Too many bars, street corners and churches where I was part of “live music” that seem like a commodity, I guess.


avoiding crowds

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Today I have invited my trio to come to my home to practice instead of the church. Today is what we call “Feeding America” day at Grace. Due to the hardships in people’s lives and the season, they are expecting record numbers. It can be difficult to get in and out of the parking lot along about the time my trio is finishing up.

I continue to watch Donald Trump eviscerate our country. I noticed that his supporters on Facebooger (who still hate liberals, Obama, and me, I guess) linked up the fact that Time has made Trump, man of the year. Of course the article in the magazine is anything but complimentary about this.

I read part of this morning. I continue to observe that our corporate media is not really changing at all. Reality has shifted underneath them, but they continue to try to straddle popular culture and clarity. These two are really incompatible. The conversation has changed. The only antidote that I can see is to side step the old “horse race/popular culture” approach which empties public journalism of content and replaces it with entertainment and movie clips in the service of trying to the bring the “news.”



Some brains would be nice. But in the meantime, trying to find accurate, incisive essays and information online or on the boob toob takes some intrepid effort. One thing is, this search isn’t very crowded.

dream report

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I was staying in a chalet with several other college kids. We had all returned to college after a brief hiatus and classes were about to begin again. I couldn’t remember my schedule. I knew that I had an 11 AM class that was a technical class of some sort and also that I was taking a language class later in the day.

I was ransacking my brains and the chalet trying to figure this out. All the other students left. There were still some people milling about. Then I remembered that I had graduated. i had a degree and was no longer enrolled. Huge relief.

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