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Eileen hired someone to remove the asbestos from our basement yesterday. Actually they will remove all the ducts that are wrapped in asbestos. They are scheduled to do this next week. Eileen immediately got on the phone and rescheduled the installation of our furnace/ac. Now they will begin this installation on next Thursday and finish up by the following Monday.

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Today is Eileen’s 66th birthday. She seems to be having a good one. Yesterday she met with her siblings and Mom for some talk and card playing.

Eileen’s Mom is getting up in years. It’s time for her to quit living alone in the old trailer where she and Clyde lived. Apparently Eileen’s brother Dave was very clear in presenting Dorothy’s choices to her. She chose to move in with Eileen’s sister, Nancy, and sell the trailer. This is definitely good news.

The only proviso was that the other siblings would “alternate” care. It’s not clear how this all will work out, but at least they are not talking about only Nancy caring for Eileen’s Mom. Nancy has been doing the heavy lifting of caring for Dorothy. Eileen says that Nancy always planned to care for Dorothy and Clyde in their old age. But realistically she will need help. Eileen tells me that there are already a couple of nurses making daily visits to Dorothy.

All of this helped Eileen’s mood and outlook immeasurably. She scheduled her mini for maintenance next week. She and I took the Alero over to Ok Tires for an air conditioner overhaul.

In the meantime I have been spending hours with my studying and piano playing. Yesterday I spent a good amount of time with Mendelssohn and Bartok on the piano. I began the day listening the Concerto for Orchestra by Bartok a piece I love.

My piano student called yesterday. He was waiting for a piano lesson at church despite the fact that I’m pretty sure I told him they would be suspended until after I contacted him. I reminded him I was on vacation and told him I would contact him in mid August.

Vacationing is not as easy as one might assume. I also had emails from the July recitalist regarding his poster and program. I’m probably going to have to sneak back to work and print this up. It feels like a good time to stay away from work, so this is a bit of let down.

I went out and bought flowers and gifts for Eileen yesterday while she was in Whitehall. This morning I put the flowers on the pie safe so that the cat wouldn’t disturb them and set out her gifts. She seemed pleased. I think she’s mostly in a good space because of the direction her Mom’s care is heading and we are making a little progress on the house project.

GOP Candidate Normalizes Pedophilia Because It’s in The Bible

I avoid going tit for tat finding weird behavior on the right to match the weird behavior my right wing family and friends point to on the left. However, this report seems substantiated and extreme. Yikes. Hopefully he won’t be elected.

Madeleine Albright: ‘The things that are happening are genuinely, seriously bad’ | Books | The Guardian

When someone as smart and institutional as Albright points to this, you know things are “genuinely, seriously bad.” I haven’t read this yet. But I will. When I’m feeling stronger.

Full text of “Letters of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy from 1833 to 1847”

Finally, when I was playing Mendelssohn I kept wondering about the musical relationship he had with Fanny. I know he considered her a sort of informal mentor and usually ran compositions past her before publishing. Sure enough, I was able to find this clunky only text. I do love the interwebs.

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