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I finally got paid for last week’s funeral. i have failed to impress on my boss the etiquette of prompt payment of musicians. I totally trust her, but wish I could make payment after services the rule.

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I managed to treadmill yesterday before lunch. I’m afraid that combined with residual fatigue from Sunday this caused me to shorten the amount of time I spent practicing organ after lunch. I spent a half hour or so preparing a reduced score for my prelude. I need some serious bench time this week to pull off the organ music I have scheduled for Sunday. I am looking forward to rehearsing and performing two movements from Handel’s organ concerto no. 2 in G major. I will need to hit them intensely today and every day between now and Sunday.


Today Eileen and I will drive to Mears, Michigan, for a little birthday celebration for her Mom. This will take a chunk out of the day, but I should be able to get my rehearsal in anyway.


I was tickled this morning when I managed to do a Greek written exercise completely accurately. Often I will make at least one little mistake. The chapter I am working on now introduces three verb tenses over its entirety. I am half way through and have studied past tense and future tense. Next comes what the text calls aorist tense. Yikes.

Here are some links that talk about books that interest me.

Alan Moore: By the Book – The New York Times

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This is a very fun interview. Moore is all over the place. I have long admired his comic book writing. I discovered from this that he has written a novel, Jerusalem. I have put this in my cart on Amazon.

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Designing Men: The Art of William Morris and Mariano Fortuny – The New York Times

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I am interested in Morris. I discovered from this review that Fortuny is mentioned in Proust. This looks like a beautiful and interesting book. My library is purchasing it. I’m on the wait list to look at it.

How the American Revolution Worked Against Blacks, Indians and Women – The New York Times

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This one is on the shelve at my library. I have reserved a copy.

Mark Thompson’s New Book on the Use and Misuse of Rhetoric – The New York Times

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I have interlibrary loaned this one.

We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People –

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Since recently discovering that Moyers was still around and active I have been paying more attention to what he is doing. This is an excellent, lengthy commentary work reading.

About the ‘Basket of Deplorables’ – The New York Times

Charles Blow gets it right. If you support someone who is espousing fascistic nonsense, you yourself are on board with it.

At the New York Times, the blind lead the blind  by Ian Milhiser

This is an incisive critique of what’s wrong with much reporting right now.

Good Journalism Requires a Commitment to Truth

This is a more broad critique, but still correct.

The erosion of truth: Trump’s surrogates are Fox-ifying mainstream television news –

I’m pretty sure that TV news is a dead horse. I rarely see or read about competent reporting via the talking head. But this report outlines what sound like increasing insurmountable difficulties.


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