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I’m sitting and listening to a record of Lawrence Moe playing Frescobaldi on the organ. I have scheduled six short pieces by him for two weeks from tomorrow. Thank you for reading and checking here for updates from my life. I have been unusually off balance and busy. But right now I’m alone in the house. Eileen is attending an alto breakfast. She is find some slight help between her physical therapists and her medical masseuse. But each day is filled with pain.

Since there is no snow on the ground I offered to use the Mini to drive her to the coffee shop. Elizabeth and Jeremy took our Subaru to visit the Ann Arbor Jenkins clan. But walking actually helps her, so she opted to walk to this as she usually does.

I have managed to get some reading done. I finished J. K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season.

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Jeremy recommended this. I am now on the second volume of The Broken Earth Trilogy of which this is the first volume. I am pretty much riveted at this point.  The Fifth Season is very cleverly plotted. I checked out the second volume, The Obelisk Gate, before finishing so I could move directly into it. I love finding a new writer.

I have finished reading two versions of Dante’s Inferno, the wonderful saucy readable treatment by Birk and Sanders and Dorothy L. Sayers translation.

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I took this opportunity to read Sayers’ introduction. It is rather lengthy, so I decided to go ahead and begin the two versions of Paradiso. In the intro to the Birk/Sanders treatment, Marcia Tanner quotes Birk as saying they wrote their version to be read in tandem with a straighter one which is exactly what I’ve been doing. Also, I have read most of it outloud which Sayers recommends doing in her intro to The Inferno.

Well, I’m going to quit so I can continue reading. I do have to include an important link, however, to the current On The Media broadcast. If you happen to prefer not to listen to Bob Garfield, one of the cohosts, you are in luck, he’s on vacation this week.

And here’s a link to the article mentioned:

The Wuhan Virus: How to Stay Safe by Laurie Garrett


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