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The Top 25 Songs That Matter Right Now – The New York Times

This is annoying. The songs are in different order online than they are in the print version of this weekend’s paper. I made a playlist on Spotify (after searching for one already made) looking at the print version. Then I noticed that the ordered differed. Stupid.
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Opinion | The Black Gun Owner Next Door – The New York Times

This author puts the NRA in a different perspective. Self-protection from racists.

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Opinion | Think Like a Libel Lawyer – The New York Times

But in this article, the NRA doesn’t come off so well, making a video telling the NYT they are coming for them.
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Opinion | America, Say My Name – The New York Times

The author this piece. Viet Thanh Nguyen, is an excellent novelist.
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Hope keeps music probe private – Holland Sentinel

No improvement here.

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