life is good


It’s martini time in Helland Michigan and I’m blogging a little bit. Eileen just left for her Weaver’s Guild meeting in Grand Rapids. I have been busy preparing for tomorrow night’s first choir rehearsal of the season. Also I have been practicing the Pasi more and more for the sheer pleasure of it. It does have some beautiful sounds.

I received an email from Chris Brodersen, the harpsichord dude. He asked if I could wait until October to bring my harpsichord to his shop. He has a big recital coming up at the end of September. This seems reasonable to me. I just hope he doesn’t go away like the last builder did.

I have been working daily on “Mental Floss” which is another reason I don’t have as much time to blog. It’s coming along.

I also wrote a press release for Sept 24th recital and emailed it to my boss and Mary Miller, the office admin. If it gets out soon, it will be the earliest we have submitted something to the local paper. Maybe this time they’ll actually use it or put us on their fucking calendar or something.

Well it’s time to read and continue sipping my martini.

My life is good that’s for sure.

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