Life in the fast lane

Don’t have much time for a post this morning. I spent most of the past hour responding to an email from the church secretary.

She sent me an upcoming wedding program as a publisher file attachment. Sheesh. It took me a while but I found a site that would convert it to a pdf. (link to French site which converts them online) I abhor this proprietary nonsense (the fact that it is practically impossible to open a Microsoft publisher file with any program but Microsoft publisher.) But maybe I’m just in a bad mood.

Speaking of which, I had an insight yesterday that what I am probably suffering from is burnout.  Not only my schedule but the fact that I am having to continue to make sure that people are paying me the money they owe me. I am still waiting for money from my church. I put in for reimbursement for purchase of organ music. I have an education fund that will cover this. I have to spend this fund each year because it does not carry over from year to year. Also I did a funeral a week  ago and still have note been paid.

I only mention this stuff because it’s sort of like a low buzz in the background along with the fact that we are experiencing leaks in the house.  I have contacted the roofers (once again) and they are promising to come today to look at it. Before Eileen came to bed last night night she found two more leaks, this time in the living room onto her loom. Another Sheesh!

The doctor’s office called and left a mysterious message that patient 10050 (I kid you not) has an appointment tomorrow morning at 7:40 AM. It’s probably me. I don’t have anything for myself, Eileen or my Mom on the calender. My doctor’s administrative staff is notoriously inefficient anyway. I will have to call and find out whose appointment it is and make arrangements for myself to go late to Ballet class tomorrow or to have Mom taken by Eileen.

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  1. Thanks for the conversion website. I’ll see how well it does. I have numerous publisher files I’d like to be able to send to my secretary.

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