Life goes on

I misplaced the library’s copy of Henry Alford’s “How to Live: A search for wisdom from old people (while they are still on this earth).” But not before I had put a sticky on the section where he comments that as we age and mature we become more of who we are. I like this. Recently I have been feeling very good about being 57. I feel like not only can I learn from connecting to others but that I have a small piece of the wisdom that is directly related to having lived this long trying to pay attention and be self-aware.

Not that I have always succeeded at it, but that I have tried.

Anyway, on a congruent note, I think I might have left the library’s copy of this book in my brother’s car while he was visiting. Ahem.

I’m a fan of David Foster Wallace. I am looking forward to reading his first novel, “The Broom of the System.” I loved “infinite Jest.” The New Yorker has an article about him (“The Unfinished” by D.T. Max) and by him (excerpt from his unfinished novel). Both are worth reading in my opinion. If you read the D.T. Max article first, you learn that his sister coined the word “greebles” (meaning bits of lint) which he uses in the excerpt. Nice touch.

Propublica is keeping a list of states that are making their use of the stimulus package transparent replete with links to their sites for this purpose. My state (MI) is on it. Is yours?

Well my lovely wife and mother get on a plane tomorrow for California. Mom has had a hard time recently grappling with Dad’s mental absence and his physical deterioration. She has an appointment at the pain clinic this morning (for her back pain). I’m hoping they don’t pump her full of pain killer which they sometimes do. When they give her this treatment she is extremely fatigued for 49 hours or so. 

I have a rehearsal this afternoon for the coffee house gig. I am feeling a bit better (was sick this weekend) but am trying to pace myself.


Life goes on.

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