leaving for a cottage on the lake this evening


I’m not sure if I will post for the next few days (Thurs Aug 22 – Sat Aug 24). Eileen are jumping in the car this evening and driving north to a little cottage on Lake Michigan. We will be joining our friend, Barb Phillips, who rents a cottage every year and then tries to get family and friends to join her.

At the Grayling cabin I was able to access the internet via my smart phone.

This might be possible at the cottage as well. But even if it is, I may take a bit of a  hiatus. As the fall schedule begins, I find myself not as rested and relaxed as I wanted to be at this point. So I may just sit around and read and not blog.

Yesterday helped calm me down. I got a lot of church stuff done that I wanted to get done. I took my Mom to her her neurologist. I wasn’t able to get her an appointment until Oct 1. But we were on a waiting list and she was called in yesterday. She has myasthenia gravis which is a neurological disorder.

She has been diagnosed for quite a while (1996 or so?) but her symptom of excessive saliva has recently returned. (This is a very unusual symptom for this disease and seems to be one of its most benign). Her internist and I agreed it would be good to have a neurologist look at her.

My piano trio also switched our rehearsal day to yesterday so we wouldn’t miss a week. We usually meet on Thursdays. This is kind of funny because we are not performance driven. Rather we enjoy it so much we don’t like to miss. For my part, I have been spending time with the beautiful piano part for the Fauré piano trio we have been playing.

Also, a parishioner who was hanging around sat down and listened to an entire movement of  Haydn (another of our little projects).

This kind of thing (playing music with others) is refreshing.

Most of the day yesterday I lugged my laptop with me and worked on church stuff. I finished the Gloria. It’s now available on my FREE MOSTLY ORIGINAL SHEET MUSIC PAGE as a pdf.

My piano trio was kind enough to listen once again to it yesterday. I had made a few changes but they seem obvious or unwarranted to them.

I woke up this morning wondering if we would really begin using it this Sunday. Rev Jen mentioned that we had a baptism this Sunday. When there is a baptism we usually omit the Song of Praise (which is what the Gloria is).  I have a staff meeting this morning. Afterwards Jen and I will have a chat. I’ll probably find out then when we will start using it.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation in the next few days.

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