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I have been hosting my brother and his wife who have been visiting. Hence the lack of blog yesterday.

writer\'s block

My brother helped me move the harpsichord from the church to my dining room.

As we were moving it, he mentioned recently finding a letter from my Dad to me chiding me for purchasing the harpsichord kit.

He promised to scan it and others in so I could read them.

My daughter Sarah has posted a couple of Youtube videos. I know I’m the Dad and everything but I think they are neat:

Today Mark and Leigh leave for home. I plan to grocery shop, practice organ and maybe do some composing and/or arranging for the Aug 5th gig. Picked up another player, Laurie Van Ark. She will do viola and vocals. She has a great voice and sings in my church choir.

Now that I have my harpsichord in the dining room, I need to get going on refurbishing the jacks. I called yesterday and asked about the strings I am using and the person at Zuckermann said that I have the right strings (I ordered them back in Feb) to restring. So I’m probably going to give the instrument as much of a refurbish as possible.

Hopefully it will be ready by Aug 5.

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