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I’m up early as usual, but am not treadmilling. Just not in the mood quite yet. I made terrible coffee. When we emptied out my Mom’s apartment, I took her leftover coffee and used it to make coffee. My daughter, Sarah, sent me a link that connected unfiltered coffee with high cholesterol so I thought I would try unfiltered.

I just used up Mom’s old coffee and like a person stuck in a rut, I bought a new can of coffee for the first time in years. I usually buy whole bean and grind it. Sigh. This shit is terrible.

Pulling together tunes for an upcoming wedding reception. The bride and groom were weird about this from the beginning. They wanted to “hear my work.” But they chose not to come to hear me at church or in the coffee shop.

Then I got an impossible list of music they wanted me to play on the piano.. Everything from Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra? How do you do that on the piano and make it Sinatra?) to Alicia Keys.

So I have been raiding the local library. The gig is next Saturday. Yesterday I went on and downloaded four tunes. Now I have to put all this stuff into sheet protectors in a notebook. I am dreading what kind of piano the country club will have sitting there and am seriously considering taking along my EP just in case it’s not usable.

Next Thursday I’m meeting with my choir for the first time.

We (my boss and I) are announcing that this will be a discussion about the future of this organization. It’s very discouraging how more and more people are planning to miss rehearsals regularly even as the number of singers in this group shrinks.

I had grand dreams again. I even ordered multiple copies of expensive Arvo Part choral music. Out of my own pocket.

Yesterday I ordered two St. James Press emergency anthem books.

Out of pique.

Also out of my own pocket. The church can probably reasonably reimburse me for this one. However there is supposed to be a moratorium on spending due to the obvious financial difficulties of the times.

I think I am finally going to do a “Y’all come” choir restricted to Sunday morning rehearsals. Sigh.

I got on Paperback Swap yesterday and cashed in some of my points. I ordered two volumes of poetry by Louise Gluck and a novel by Chang-Rae Lee (“Aloft”).

It’s past seven AM and I need to be treadmilling.

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