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“No Mames” is a very vulgar expression roughly meaning “no fucking sucking” or “Don’t fuck with me.” On The Media bleeped it out but said you could find it on their web site.

Listening to On The Media’s first show about Hispanic/Latino news coverage made me realize how challenging but possible it is to keep up with world affairs.

On The Media is the best source for accessible critique of journalism these days. You have to admire that at the end of this show they asked Julio Ricardo Varela from Latino Rebels to rate it. They got a “C.”

Varela’s criticisms included finding the entire “Breaking Bad” segment irrelevant to larger Latino concerns and interests as well as OTM’s concentration on Spanish language aspects of this story.

This was helpful to me, because I enjoyed the “Breaking Bad” segment but with a spoonful of perspective can see that it was more about popular culture than understanding Latino journalism needs and topics.

Of course it is obvious that a first venture into a huge subject will of necessity fall short of high expectations.  It will be interesting to see if there are future attempts to correct this omission in their coverage.

In the meantime, we are all just clicks away from better perspective than the best US journalism outlets can give us.

I found it enlightening that Jorge Ramos observed that US journalism is in effect very provincial.

He said that UNIVISION’s audience sees coverage of the many Latino countries as “local” coverage.

This made me realize how little I actually know about current South American and Caribbean events not to mention Africa and the Middle East.

Since I’m on vacation I have the time and inclination to seek out some current stories.

Here is some of what I found and recommend.

Latino Rebels | The Lull Before the Storm

Might as well start with a decent story from Varela’s web site. This has some great info on current USA immigration reform and it aint good news.

Contradictions Emerge in Relative Quiet of ISIS Ruled Iraqi City – SPIEGEL 

One of the best analyses of what’s happening in Iraq I have read.

what scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit

The book version of the above link was an Amazon Daily Deal for $1.99.

One of the commenters on Amazon pointed out that its entire contents was available online at Thank you dude.

At Zingerman’s, Pastrami and Partnership to Go –

Okay this isn’t international or even all that pertinent. I just love Zingerman’s and love that it made the New York Times.

So, Spiegel’s English site is pretty good, but it doesn’t update as often as it’s real site:

The Guardian is also pretty good but you might want to check their UK page.


I have found that this site has interesting International deep links as well as English coverage of Chinese current topics (It is labeled as 1 of 3 at the top… you have to scroll down for comments and blog links). Pretty sure Elizabeth or Jeremy turned me on to this.

Al Jazeera used to be one of the best sources for international news coverage. But they started up Al Jazeera US TV and since then I have go a bit deeper into links to avoid stupid stupid TV news.

By Talking, Inmates and Victims Make Things ‘More Right’ –

It never fails to amaze that the simple act of honest talking is not factored into dealing with injustices.  Even though I see that people in my life often are made uncomfortable by forthrightness, in some situations it can make an important difference.

North Carolina voter law challenged: ‘the worst suppression since Jim Crow’ 

This is a Guardian article. I guess they are the dam liberals of the UK. They have this one nailed.

Corporations, ‘artificial people’ and the unintended risks of Hobby Lobby 

And this one.

Fearing Lawsuits, Sheriffs Balk at U.S. Request to Hold Noncitizens for Extra Time 

Obama administration on the wrong side of this issue.

A Post-Colonial Africa, Drawn by Nature and Culture –

Africa Map

 Nine Nations of North America, 30 Years Later –

These two links redraw borders in new and helpful ways.

US-Mexico-Canada Map



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