keeping quiet with lynx

My wife actually said I was quiet during her supper last night. Working on some depression I guess. Sometimes better not to share.



Here’s some links I have been/am looking at:

7500 shoppers unknowingly sold their souls [link] to Fox News report (not a video)….

Handy dandy guide to impact of different kinds of tunings (I know, I know, you’re dying to know this): [link] “The Wolf at our heels: the centuries long struggle to play in tune” by Jan Swafford

Books still matter to presidents. [OOPS… this link was wrong but is now corrected    link ] “For Obama and past presidents: the books they read shape policies and perception” by Tevi Troy Washington Post

Roque Dalton is new  (to me) radical poet who died in 1975. [link] to a long poem (Tavern: Conversatio) of his in which he uses the language of young Czechs, W. Europeans and Latin Americans to write some cool poetry.

Roque Dalton

If you still care about the Ipad and the Kindle [link] to “Publish or Perish: Can the Ipad topple the Kindle and save the book industry?” by Ken Auletta New Yorker.

I am the only one I know who checks online MP3 blogs for new music. I found a couple of interesting ones yesterday: [link] to the official blog of the Analog Arts Ensemble [link] to Theoretical Music

The first not only had some interesting popular music type downloads, it also linked in Handel’s entire Laudate Pueri which I promptly downloaded and listened to.

Theoretical music sends viewers to [link] which seems to be one of those barely legal file hosts which provide online space for files. If you mess with this you will need to be able to unzip .rar files. I downloaded a charming little free program called Rare Extract Frog [link to page where you can get it]

other MP3s I downloaded yesterday:

Christina Says by The Sneaks
In Stride by Mantler
Heaven and Earth by Blitzen Trapper
Friendly Ghost by Harlem
Dixon’s Girl by Dessa
Waves by Holly Mirand
Safe and Sound b Electric President
Anxiety by Eddy Current Suprression Ring
Not Getting There by Blonde Redhead
I’m Not a Kid Anymore by Sloan
King of Spain by The Tallest Man On Earth
Fool’s Day by Blur
Sexual Healing by Hot Chip (cover of Marvin Gaye)
Fading Sun by Isungset,Terje
Saltarello (Munich, Marh 27) by Dead Can Dance
Walk On by Neil Young
From the Bughouse by Ceasars [jupe says sic] Palace
Livin’ In the Sunlight, Lovin’ In the Moonlight byTiny Tim
Dark Eyes by Dizzy Gillespie
One Step at a  Time by Bigbang
Ten Steps to Heaven by Holger Czukay

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