Jupe’s monday, some greek misunderstanding and no pics


Another Monday with a lot on my plate. Besides the usual ballet classes, I have to prep for a presentation I am giving this evening for the St. Mary’s Guild at Grace. I haven’t thought much about this presentation. They made no specific requests. So I’m planning to mostly sing hymns from Lift Every Voice and Sing and the Hymnal 1982. In between I will talk about Gregorian Chant and teach Anglican chant.

We have been singing the psalm in worship at Grace to Anglican chant for over a year. One of the members of this guild mentioned to me that she doesn’t sing the psalm because the tune changes every week. Maybe I can help with this some tonight. We’ll see.

Tomorrow I am meeting again with the tax accountant, this time for my Mom’s taxes. I have already spent several hours prepping for this and am still woefully unprepared. I am planning to spend time on this tomorrow.

In between classes today, I plan to finish a draft of next Sunday’s postlude, my transcription of Holst’s “March” from his Second Suite for Military Band. I managed to get  all the notes into a Finale doc yesterday, print it up, and play through it at the organ. There is one note in the condensed score I doubt. When I work on it today, I want to double check that particular note (it’s in the bass) with the full score which I’m pretty sure is online.

I want to leave the house in about 45 minutes or so. I have already done dishes, made coffee, read Greek and MacCulloch this morning.

Yesterday in his homily, Christian used the Greek words: kenosis (emptying) and theosis (divinization). I misheard the first one as gnosis (knowledge).  Coincidentally I had been reading about theosis that morning in my MacCulloch. After church, I told him that gnosis meant knowledge not emptying (kenosis). I was happy that he was able to point out to me that he had been using a different word. A choir member standing nearby pointed out that as a choir director I insist on crisp “k” sounds like the one in kenosis. Ha ha.

I was surprised when Christian said that he had not studied Greek. Apparently they alternate Greek and Hebrew at the Seminary he attended and he had a year of Hebrew but no Greek.

The choir member (who is a Methodist Minister) piped  up that Greek was no longer a requirement these days.

This figures. Off to the races.

2 thoughts on “Jupe’s monday, some greek misunderstanding and no pics

  1. Greek and Hebrew were no longer required when I attended Sewanee thirty years ago. And I’ve recently been told that Sewanee was the “intellectual” seminary whatever the hell that means…

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