jupe’s little vacation

Eileen and I are sitting in a Panera having  breakfast. I spent the morning attempting to find a place to practice today and tomorrow. I have been in contact with several people on Facebooger. The ones that have responded have only recommended places to contact.

I have so far reached out on Facebooger to the organists at First Pres Ann Arbor and First United Methodists. Both places were recommended by an organist on Facebooger. They are nearby and the person who recommended them has had success practicing at their churches.

So far these two musicians have not responded. The rest of the people that have responded have not made specific recommendations.

It doesn’t look at this point that this is going to pan out. Oh well. I tried. My only regret is that I used up my treadmill time at the motel doing this this morning. I’m relatively sure that my Mozart will emerge in shape after missing three days on the organ.

I also managed to leave my credit card at the restaurant where we ate last night. I called them and they said they had it. Whew!

Yessterday Eileen and I visited with my sister-in-law Leigh at the new digs they have bought here in Michigan. It’s an amazing old house and I think will be excellent for both Leigh and my brother Mark. Very cool.

Then we met with my sister-in-law Leigh, nephew Ben, his significant other Tony, niece Emily and her husband, Jeremy for a nice meal at Zola Bistro. That’s where I left my credit card. Ahem.

The rest of today Eileen and I will goof off (we have checked out of our Ann Arbor motel) until Eileen’s weaving supply shop nearby opens in the afternoon.

Then we will stall until it’s late enough to show up at my nephew Ben’s house (5:30).

This time away has been very relaxing so far. Having the devices has been good. I have gotten some Greek and reading in. I think I will return in a much better place, but I look forward to figuring out more time away this summer.


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