jupe’s good birthday


My weird good mood persisted all day yesterday. I had a good day and a good birthday. Eileen is usually at a loss as to what to do for me for my birthday.  Yesterday she made a gin run for me and later went for take out sushi. Yum! My brother sent me presents in the mail, a CD of piano compositions by Anthony Burgess of which i was not at all aware and Gary Trudeau’s new Trump collection. Very cool. My friend Rhonda dropped by while I was at rehearsals and left me a very cool copy of Carl Czerny’s book on improvisation, A Systematic Introduction to Improvisation on the Pianoforte. My Mom told me to write myself a check for my birthday.

We have changed our piano trio rehearsal times to begin later on Thursdays. Yesterday was our first day of the new times. It was a good session. Bach Violin Sonatas, Beethoven Piano Trios and Cello Sonata. What a pleasure it is to work with these musicians!

Today I have my third meeting with my shrink. These meetings seem to be going well and even helpful.

New Librarian of Congress Offers a History Lesson in Her Own Right – The New York Times

Good things happening at the Library of Congress. This new person seems phenomenal. I especially like the story in the lead about her decision to keep a Boston library branch during recent troubles.

Hillary Clinton Still Faces Outrageous Sexism

Basically a interesting chronological list of accomplishments

How Morality Changes in a Foreign Language – Scientific American

Interesting article about the impact of speaking a different language on perceptions and thinking.

Deplorable Violence at Trump Rallies Deserves Press Coverage

So difficult to think about what “press coverage” means at this point.

2 thoughts on “jupe’s good birthday

  1. I just now realized you helped us on our wedding day, even though it was the day after your b-day! Your so generous and I never even recognized your b-day during my chaos. I heart you!

    PS – you’re my favorite unique human – next to Cassidy of course.


  2. I just consulted with Eileen to make sure I was remembering this correctly. It turns out that at your wedding, Eileen, Elizabeth, and Sarah slyly wreaked birthday vengeance on me. The year before I had told them they needn’t bother about my birthday. When they took me at my word, I then mercilessly teased them all year about it. They brought along numerous small gifts for me to your wedding celebration and gradually put them places for me to find them. There were so many it was ludicrous and obvious that it was revenge. So my birthday happen to have a special recognition in the background at your wedding.

    Thank you for your affection and kind words. It is an honor to be mentioned in the same breath with your extraordinary daughter. Love from Uncle Steve

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