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I’m blogging in the afternoon again. This morning I had to go to see my shrink. He is a good guy and I enjoy chatting with him, but it feels an awful lot like just bullshitting with a friend. If I’m not working on something in myself I guess it still provides a little relief to Eileen from hearing me talk all the time (not that she complains). Birky (my shrink) says sometimes you just need to talk. He has said that the last two meetings when I have expressed sheepishness about talking on and on about stuff that interests me but is not necessarily about working with my own head.

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Today I taught him how a clavichord works, about the origin of harmony in the history of Western Civilization, how Socrates is only mentioned by Aristophanes and Plato (I think that’s true), and a bunch of other stuff which sounds an awful lot like how I have chatted with people for much of my life.

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I just googled it and Aristotle and Xenophon also mention Socrates, the latter being a student of his. How bout that?

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I have been able to practice organ every day this week at Grace church. I went there immediately after my appointment with Birky and still nobody around and nothing moved in the church area. It’s okay with me because I don’t have to bother people about letting me practice on their organs. I should say that I’m mostly dreading talking to the famous Huw Lewis and that Rhonda (Hi Rhonda) has made it clear that she will arrange for me to practice at Hope Church.,

I had good rehearsals with my piano trio people yesterday. We decided to play some Frank Bridges for church a week Sunday. It’s pleasant, light music and we own the score. What the heck.

You can a taste of the  music if you like from this video. We decided to play the second and third movement. We only need two movements.

Ryan Gosling’s piano playing skills – Susan Tomes

I follow this woman’s blog.  She is a British dyed in the wool classical type, but I enjoy here comments. This is a good one about learning music by ear and why it’s important to be able to read music and have good solid technique.

Julianne Moore, Ben Stiller and 164 Other People Will Narrate George Saunders’ New Book | TIME

Saunders is an amazing writer. This is his first novel. This audio version sounds fun.

Bernie Sanders: I see areas where I can work with Trump – POLITICO

In words of a facebookless meme: Be like Bernie.



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