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This is a video of Bill Washer playing guitar with Gato Barbieri in 1984.  As I mentioned yesterday he’s the husband of the ballet instructor I am working with this week.

Here’s a more recent video (if you don’t see them, you might want to reload the page…. that’s what I had to do or here’s a couple of links to them:  link, link):

I like these videos quite a bit. Obviously the man is an adept player. Trinette told me a few entertaining stories about her and her husband last night on break.  She even complimented my playing by telling me she had passed on to her husband that she was grateful she had a good pianist for this gig. Very flattering.  She asked for my “card” to pass on to her husband. I goofily confessed I don’t have one…. just a local yokel….

So one more night of ballet class this week. I am pretty exhausted this morning. I’m having trouble resting up in the afternoon for these evening gigs.

Yesterday I played Angry Birds for an hour before time to go to work. It’s sort of relaxing but it’s not the same as napping.

Today I’m taking my Mom out for lunch. Yesterday, I finally managed to contact her doctor’s office and pass on her psychologist’s misgivings about her current dosage of Vicodin.  The doctor agreed to lower the dosage from four pills a day to three pills as needed. Mom takes these for pain, but her shrink thinks they might be contributing to her constant fatigue.

Also met with my boss at church. This is a good thing for me. I canceled my piano trio rehearsals and turned down the chair of the dance department who wanted me to come to a two hour brainstorm session for an upcoming Global warming protest dance. I told her my schedule was such that I had to beg off on things like that…. so that this 59 year old old guy will live to be 60. She has asked me to compose something for this event so it’s not unreasonable to include me in planning, but the last thing I need next week is another scheduled event to drain my shrinking pool of energy.


Broadband data from the FCC is notoriously inaccurate. Measurement Lab can fix that. – By Benjamin Lennett and Sascha Meinrath – Slate Magazine

This article asks “How hard can it be?” Comes with map that might interest FCC regulators if they weren’t captives of the industry. Ahem.


California – Circumcision on Ballot – NYTimes.com

This appears to be a real news story. Some things  you can’t make up.


Getting Smart on Aid – NYTimes.com

Proven Impact Fund | Innovations for Poverty Action

The first link is to another intelligent essay by Nicholas Kristoff in which he reveals that an effective way to improve education of kids is to deworm them. The second link is to a charity he recommends where one can donate money for this cause.


Banner Gaffe Embarrasses Forbidden City — Beijing Journal – NYTimes.com

More fun from the news. Apparently someone put up the wrong ideogram on a sign that sounded similar to the intended word but changed the  meaning in embarrassing ways.


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