jupe takes pics with new phone

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten a new toy. The smart phone is kind of goofy, but I do keep thinking of ways I can use it (besides as a phone). Most of these ways involve accessing the internet more easily like at the grocery store or dumb doctor’s waiting rooms (dumb because like Meijers they don’t bother providing a free wifi).

Also I now am carrying a camera. This part I love.


Yesterday the postlude as I mentioned in previous posts was by a man named Matthew Locke.



Matthew Locke is also the name of my daughter Sarah’s significant other. He might even be related to the composer.

I resisted impulsively taking pictures during church yesterday.  But after church I snapped a few.


I have thought of taking pictures of the stained glassed windows in the choir area and using them on the church web site.


They’re kind of hokey. There are two of them with several (four?) panels all sort of music related.


This is the most choral one and might serve to make a picture for the music page on the church web site. It is also the scariest picture. Note that the three boys all have the same face but are slightly different colors. Rev Jen pointed this out to me yesterday as I was taking pics. I like this window for its weirdness, but not sure it’s quite the ticket to use. We’ll see. And then there’s this one.


It’s awfully Christmassy.

Anyway I love having my phone to take pictures. I added some apps yesterday (Facebook, Kindle, Google News). Discovered that the New York Times Digital subscription only seems to be compatible with the Iphone app. Texted back and forth with son in California. I am trying to figure out a routine for having a smart phone. Having a dumb one was easy. I just kept it turned off most of the time. Right now the smart phone is off, but I’m not sure how I will routinely use it yet. I used it the way I have been using the dumb one yesterday on Sunday mornings: as a clock. Smart phones, expensive clocks and flashlights.


The Price of Public Violence – NYTimes.com

Giving our kids PTSD.


In Nepal, Buddhists Reconstruct Tibetan Murals – NYTimes.com

Using locals to make new art for temples. I loved this little description:

an abbot used a mirror to absorb the spirits of the gods in the statues and murals before the painting began; after the project is completed, the abbot is expected to release the spirits from the mirror so they can return.


Refrigerator Inventory: 5 Steps to a freshly frugal fridge | Squawkfox

This link posted by daughter Elizabeth on Facebookistan inspired me. I have been trying to organize the fridge lately. Maybe I’ll steal some ideas from this site.


4 thoughts on “jupe takes pics with new phone

  1. those singers on the stained glass all look scared if you ask me – they must have a really mean choir director… And speaking of smart phones, I hate how I check my email non-stop now. sometimes handy, mostly distracting. and once you get in the habit, really hard to break!

  2. So you have a smart phone too. I seem to recall you have coverage issues. At least in one of our cell phone conversations you seemed to. We’re verizon. Whose your provider? I think the singers look more scarey than scared. Zombie choristers. Heh.

  3. zombie choristers did come to mind as well. i’m not sure if i really have coverage issues as much as some other issues related to mark saving money in a cost-cutting, do-it-yourself kind of manner. we use a pay as you go plan. mark never uses his phone, and it probably does save him money. i am much more often running out of money on mine. not sure what that means. (that I’m addicted to checking my email at all times and in all places, i suppose, because I don’t use it to phone people much, or to surf the web). and this never informs me when you reply to a comment of mine, even though it says it will.

    1. You still don’t mention the provider. Verizon? AT&T? Even the pay as you go have to go through somebody right? We looked at pay as you go but figured that once we had them we would use them.

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