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I managed to get my tasks done yesterday and email string parts to my string players for two transcriptions for next Sunday. In the late afternoon I walked to Hope Church and practiced. I am finding that if I can practice before lunch I have better energy for it. By the end of the day yesterday I was pretty depleted physically. My boss returns from two weeks in the Virgin Islands today and I feel like I need a vacation.

Pro-Trump rally in downtown Holland, shuns Sentinel – News – Holland Sentinel – Holland, MI

I find the anti-media movement confused. There were not a lot of people out yesterday for this march here in Holland. However 9K people showed up for the Trump campaign rally in Florida. There is definitely some weird thinking going on here. Blaming the messenger does not change reality. Plus the word, “media,” is plural, right? So lumping the many ways information is disseminated into some amorphous entity only serves to fan the flames of fear and confusion. Weird stuff.

 This is from today’s NYT. Although the entire article is worth reading to stay up with the inner workings of government, this sentence jumped out at me:

” A reality-show businessman with no government experience, Mr. Trump catapulted to power on a promise to break up the existing system”

I can see how the same headlines that cause concern for me are the ones that people who marched here in Holland and gathered in Florida cheer. It seems that the idea that anything is better than what we have had in our government before Trump is getting to play out no matter the consequences at this point.

Who Will Watch the Agents Watching Our Borders? – The New York Times

On thing that hit me about Linda Greenhouse’s article is that the union representing the Immigration and Enforcement Enforcement agents endorsed Trump and at the same time face dismantling by the anti-union forces that Trump represents.

 Even Chinese leaders hate being compared to Hitler. Of course, in that country it’s more dangerous to speak out.

Kim Jong-nam, the Hunted Heir to a Dictator Who Met Death in Exile – The New York Times

Some background on this story which I’m following.

I guess I don’t have much more to say this morning.

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