jupe not rested up yet


I did rest yesterday. But I’m still tired today. Must be old age. I don’t have much time to blog this morning having laid in bed later than usual. A full day ahead. 8:30 class. Lunch with Eileen and several other Hatch ladies in Muskegon. Then a library dinner this evening. Whew.

I’m convinced that many people seek out news and information online (also radio and tv) that reinforces their point of view rather than challenging and informing them beyond it. It’s an easy danger to fall into. Just yesterday a colleague of mine (Hi Ronda) said that it was easy to look at one composition by a composer (a living one she meant I think) and miss other stuff that might be better.

I consciously try to work away from this tendency. Probably unsuccessfully but at least I make an attempt.

Yesterday I found this web site: EastSouthWestNorth Blog

It was mentioned by Ethan Zuckerman in his book Rewire which I am reading. It is an English language China focused blog and compiler of links. This morning I checked it and found this link:

Which is a link to a new article on Zuckerman’s web site. Cool.
Since I’m in a rush here are a few links.
1. Case of Insect Interruptus Yields a Rare Fossil Find – NYTimes.com Insects fucking mean rare glimpses of behavior shown in fossils. Also very cool.

2. Trying to Elevate the Sounds Competing With Subterranean Clatter – NYTimes.com

Interesting description of how musicians are licensed to play in the Paris subway. I think I might like playing there (instead of Holland’s streets where I compete with jugglers and the cops are not nice).

3.Finding the Higgs Leads to More Puzzles – NYTimes.com

I love this stuff. Apocalyptic science.


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