jupe keeps learning how to use his tablet


Yesterday, I  asked the new Church Administrator if she had  a tablet. I was wondering if  she touch-typed on the screen. She does and she does. This inspired me to learn to touch type on my tablet. My administrator and I agreed that all it would take would be for me to practice. So, this morning for the first time I am combining touch typing and the Google microphone function on the screen keyboard. Speaking is obviously much faster. But one has to find a spot one can do this alone so one doesn’t feel too silly. I’ve just spoken this entire paragraph. But I had to go back and put caps at the beginning of most of the sentences. Since I am just planning on taking only my tablet with me on vacation, I want to practice using it for the blog and for typing notes today. This should show me how easy or hard it is to do it that way. This morning I figured out how to select text using the tablet keyboard as interface. Also how to copy and paste both texts and images. So I can do all this now but it takes me much more time since I am still learning. My fingers are old and fat so working on screen is not easy but with patience I can usually convince my tablet to do what I want.

It also helps to put the tablet on a solid surface and tilt it slightly.

Today Eileen and I have a ton of things to do to get ready to leave tomorrow a for California. At this point I’m planning to blog on vacation using this silly tablet. But we’ll see how that works out.

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  1. Nice YouTube video! I think an exterior keyboard would be a pain.I am beginning to get the hang of touch typing on my little tablet. I have set the keyboard so it makes a little clicking sound as I type. This helps.

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