jupe finishes a book of poetry, does other stuff & ends with a little tech talk


Finished reading Collected Poems by Dylan Thomas this morning. While reading these poems, for most of them I have also read William Tindall’s elucidating comments on each poem. Lots of fun.



I don’t think I’m quite ready to leave Thomas. I want to read all of his prose as well as his letters and probably an updated bio at some point. I read the introduction to my copy of his collected letters this morning.

The scholarship is dated I’m sure, as she mentions that she has omitted letters that might embarrass living people. The book was published in 1967 and a quick google reveals more recent selections of Thomas’s letters.

But I like my old edition at this point since I have it in my hands.



My edition seems to be a United Kingdom edition. I may have even bought it there on one of my trips.

I thought I would read all the Thomas I own before buying more of what he wrote, new bios of him and other collections of his letters (of which there are many).

I reorganized my Mom’s bills yesterday and began preparing to meet with her tax accountant next Tuesday. I decided to reorganize when I could easily lay my hands on last year’s tax returns. Now I can.


I finished up another sections of my transcription of “March” from Second Suite from Military Band by Holst yesterday. I printed up what I have done and rehearsed it yesterday. I won’t be able to play it nearly as fast as any recording I have heard recently. I have chosen to put the bass parts in the pedal (naturally) and they do move along in places.

Yesterday I decided which feet will play which note and marked this on the music. We organists call this “pedaling.”

Eileen and I have a lovely evening out last night. My friend Rhonda and her husband met us at a restaurant for dinner. Then we went to Dance 41, the annual Hope College Dance recital. They’ve been giving a winter recital for 41 years and change the title each year to reflect this.

Today  I need to keep working on prepping for Mom’s taxes and prepare for tomorrow’s church stuff.

A Little Tech Talk

I have been struggling with the online presence of the New York Times for many years. I used to subscribe to the actual paper paper when there was no way to subscribe online because it was free.

Then when a subscription that was solely online became available I switched to that.

But how they are constantly upgrading and expanding how one can access the paper. Their latest innovation is sort of an online app. The URL doesn’t change from article to article. This defeats my bookmarking certain articles so I have been opening up another access they call “Today’s Paper” in order to book mark articles  I find in the app.

Yesterday I noticed that at the bottom of each article in the app, there was a url.



I don’t know how long that has been an option, but I saved an article I wanted to save two ways: one by right clicking on the app url which gave me the option to open that specific article in a tab (thus saving a step) and the other from the “Today’s Paper” access.

This morning I looked at the urls and discovered that the one from the app is a bit cleaner.




How bout that?


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