jupe feeling low but persisting


I perceive that I am feeling low this morning. The copy machine has been on the fritz since last Friday (very low toner cartridge).

Mary told me that this happened because the company that regularly sends us all of our supplies for our printers sent a package that she thought contained black ink but only ended up having color ink in it. Usually, she went on, she can order toner and have it arrive the next day. She was expecting it the past few days. If it arrives today, it will come after two when the UPS deliveries usually come. This is a bit late for me.

I need to make copies of one anthem for this evening. I am going to go to Kinkos this morning and just do it. I had originally thought I would do two anthems, but yesterday I looked at the version of “Sheep may safely graze” in the Oxford Not So Easy Anthem Book and decided it was superior to the St. James Press version I was thinking of doing.

The organ accompaniment is a little more difficult. But the St. James Version omits the entire B section of da capo Cantata movement. The B section is quite beautiful and I don’t want to omit it. Hence I spent an hour or so working on the organ accompaniment in the Oxford version (which we own) yesterday.

There was a stupid meme on Facebooger yesterday that said something about real friends not turning their back on you. The phrase, “turning their back on you,” sort of lodged in my brain. I wonder if it’s an apt description of how some people treat me. It’s sort of the “being invisible” notion but seems to include the idea that I will continue on my merry way despite being ignored and/or avoided.

I am thinking especially here of a few men I have known as friends and colleagues who have chosen to pretty much terminate our relationship from their end. Don’t worry. It’s probably just the mental illness talking.

Mark mentioned that it’s easy to “pathologize” one’s behavior. I instantly recognized that behavior in myself. Mention a symptom, mental or physical, and a part of me instantly suspects that it describes me. Not helpful, believe me.

Eileen and I walked to The Good Earth yesterday for breakfast. My phone told me it was .9 miles from our home. Oddly while we were there the phone thought it would be .8 miles back to the house. Hmmm. I finished up my blog yesterday at the restaurant and had Eileen proof it (and okay the mention of our “silly misunderstanding”). Both of us missed the typo in the title. Thank you, Elizabeth, for pointing it out. It’s fixed now.

Iceland’s Prime Minister Steps Down Amid Panama Papers Scandal – The New York Times

Interesting that this report from the NYT doesn’t mention the organization that actually did the leg work for this acquisition of info. On the Media is where I learned about it in this podcast:

Behind the Panama Papers – On The Media – WNYC

this is the website of the organization: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists:

 The Panama Papers · ICIJ

I think the description of how these reporters used a Facebooger like interface to work on this vast amount of material is very very cool (it’s on the OTM podcast).

It also puts me in mind of something I read recently in McChesney: Journalists in order to be journalists these days need to be scholars not lawyers. By that he meant scholars who dig into information to understand and even prove own notions wrong. Of course most so called journalists these days (especially broadcast types) are more lawyers or even hucksters.

Kim Philby, Lecturing in East Berlin in ’81, Bragged of How Easy It Was to Fool MI6 – The New York Times

I know it’s kind of silly but I can’t help but think of John LeCarre.

Listen: Chun Sisters Premiere Jewel-Box of Muhly and Glass

I’m listening to this music right now. I like it. Of course, I already admire Muhly and Glass. I have been working my way through Glass’s Piano Etudes. I am beginning to like them quite a bit. In the fall we will lose our present pipe organ and only have the piano until the new organ comes. This is due to the scheduled renovation of the area the organ will sit. So I am thinking of cool piano music to learn for this time. Glass Etudes are definitely some music I will want to learn and use that way. Some of it’s quite beautiful and attractive to me.


2 thoughts on “jupe feeling low but persisting

  1. Sometimes when folks turn their backs or walk away it doesn’t truly have anything to do with the one left behind, but rather an issue of their own that they are unable or unwilling to face. In my experience, the back turner was unable to move forward with anything that reminded him of “the past”, therefore wiped their slate clean so as not to face it. Unfortunately, wiping their slate clean involved leaving people behind. Fortunately, I’m better off without the responsibility of that person’s happiness or unhappiness. -I hope this helps.

  2. It does help. I have always respected the way you have handled yourself in this situation. You go, girl! love from Uncle Steve

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