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I spent time this morning catching up on some email correspondence. My old friends Dave Barber and Paul Wyzinitis  are finally getting married after 39 years of living with each other. This is very romantic and Eileen and I would not miss this.  They emailed an invite and I replied this morning.

Amy the violinist didn’t show for rehearsals yesterday. This is entirely understandable since her husband, Jim, died a week ago.  Dawn and I discussed what we will do Sunday in her absence. Dawn suggested I should contact Amy to find out what’s going on and express some emotional support. So I did that email.

My friend, Nicholas Palmer, has invited me to play harpsichord at a Messiah sing along he is organizing for this month. I was totally flabbergasted to be asked. I emailed him back that I would do it and then asked him if he knew anyone who could finish my little harpsichord project. Nick apparently owns two harpsichords himself which I just found yesterday from Dawn. I didn’t know he was into harpsichord that much. Dawn said one of them was built from a kit. I even asked my janitor at church if he was interested in helping me. Readers of this blog have to know how much I miss having any access to a honest to god harpsichord. Anyway, it will be fun to work with Nick. Also Peter Kurdziel is playing organ for it. I like these two men quite a bit but have lost touch with them when I dropped out of Roman Catholic circles. They both are Roman Catholic and until recently both served in parishes. Nick was at the Cathedral but has taken an Episcopal gig in Grand Haven which is where he plans to do the Messiah sing along.

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“Her life gets more important with each passing year.” Aint that the truth.

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