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Today I begin the sixth reel of these old tapes I am checking out. So far, I have listed to 5 reals but only digitized 3 of them.

reels.1 thru 5

One reel was a recording of symphonic music, probably from a record. One was an excerpt of a recording of “The Young Lutheran’s Guide to the Orchestra.” These two I did not digitize. I have a stack I’m working on.

the rest of the reels

I’m listening to reel 6, but it seems to be blank on this side. I also found a picture of my Mom in her nursing home room that I didn’t recognize.

Mary at Gadbury's place in Anderson

This is her at a place she worked in Anderson, Indiana, while she and Dad were attending college.

Here’s what’s written on the back.

back of the Cadbury pic of Mary


Mom says that Gadbury’s was an eating place and that she was a waitress there. I’m not sure about the time frame here. I think it was before she married Dad, but I’m not sure. And I don’t know what G.T.means. In Dad’s memoirs, I can only find a reference around this time of Mom working when he says that right after they were married she went to work “for the Clergy bureau” and he, at the Gospel Trumpet Company. The Gospel Trumpet was the name of the journal published by the Church of God. 

I’ll try to remember to ask Mom more about this when I see her today.

So reel 7 is now being digitized. It begins with a recording of Benjamin Jenkins, my Grandfather, doing a story song on “A Child of King.” This looks promising.  Stay tuned and I’ll be putting up more silly stuff from my past.

Peter Dahlin, Detained Swedish Rights Worker, Said to Confess in China – The New York Times

These public confessions on Chinese television are chilling.

Prisoner Swap With Iran Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Iran Gets Anyone – The New York Times

This helped me understand this news story better.

2 thoughts on “jupe continues to wallow in the past

    1. I talked with Mom yesterday. I had already come to the conclusion you have (post blogging) that G.T. was Gospel Trumpet. Mom confirmed that she had worked there for a while after she married Dad. She also said that she was unmarried in this photograph. Dad begins attending college in 1948. He meets Mom in his second semester. He says in his memoirs that she is a sophomore. She worked in the college library, he says. By the end of the year I had a date with her. He didn’t make a “good impression, but Mary was a challenge.”

      My memory of the family story on this is that Dad through a temper tantrum over a ping pong game at their first date. Mom promises herself not to go out with him again. Dad persists. Finally Mary agrees that when the Anderson Quartet in which Dad sang visits her home town, South Charleston, she will go out with him then and there.

      The next mention I see in Dad’s memoirs is his description of proposing to Mom in 1949.

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