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I’m blogging a bit later than usual. Church went well today. My rash is still rampant. I’m trying not to complain about it (or even think that much about it). Like pain, it helps to distract myself.

I’m skipping the martini this evening. I need to lose weight. If I skip drinking, it’s easier not to snack.  Plus I need to cut back on the alcohol intake anyway.  It’s hard to work on stuff like this when I’m wondering what the fuck is wrong with me (rash)?

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It was not encouraging to me that when I googled hives, it said that many hives that last longer than six weeks are difficult to diagnose. Great. It’s been about four weeks so far.

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I went back over to church this afternoon and actually practiced organ. I have some pieces picked out to perform between now and Advent. I had a question about a note in a Maurice Green Voluntary I am playing. I came home and found the original publication online on ISMLP from 1785 and was able to determine that it was indeed a mistake in my edition.

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This is the edition that had the mistake in it.

This Sunday afternoon practice was also a bit of goofing off for me as I am reading through the box of used music I recently purchased from Cramer. I enjoy doing that.

My brother and his wife were planning on visiting this week, but he’s come down with something. We decided to put it off until the end of the month. In the meantime, our house is pretty immaculate right now. That’s cool.

I moved some more of my books yesterday and today. I love getting them organized.

Mark emailed me that Manchester Press is publishing Anthony Burgess’s works in new scholarly editions.

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This is his alma mater. Mark discovered this by actually reading a link I put here (I hadn’t read it yet). This is very very cool. I have already interlibrary loaned one of them to see what they are like.

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A Dictionary of Hymnology : Julian, John

I am culling my books as I organize them. I have a copy of Julian’s Dictionary of Hymnody but it is in very rough shape. I just found this online version which is also searchable (!). I can discard my old copy now.

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