informed michigan guy? well at least trying

Me standing and directing my music at the Global Water Dance 2011
Me standing and directing my music at the Global Water Dance 2011, Eileen kneeling.

I have been thinking about being an informed citizen of the State of Michigan this morning. It appears that the movement to recall the governor of Michigan is based on his Emergency Financial Manager law. I am opposed to this law and would support it’s repeal. But I am also reluctant to support the recall of the governor at this point on this one issue.

The website for the Committee to recall Rick Snyder. I can’t seem to find names of people or organizations that are behind this movement on this web site easily. This makes me nervous.  This doesn’t pass the intitial smell test (crap detection 101).

But I did consult and bookmark a lot of state and local online news information sources.

Here’s some of my sources:

Seems to be one of the better, more evenhanded, sources for Michigan news.
Holland radio station to which I rarely listen....
My home town paper to which I subscribe digitally, not that it's any good, I just want to support local journalism.
These people seem to be a partisan. Still it's a good source.
Lansing State Journal

Kalamazoo radio station
I've known about this one for ages. I'm not happy that they seem to have gobbled many local papers' online presence including the Grand Rapids Press .....
The official Michigan Legislature page to search bills.

Can’t resist proudly adding this one:

Pride Source
My nephew Benjamin Jenkins writes for this paper.

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  1. I am opposed to this law as well, but I realize the problem that the State of Michigan is under. This is an attempt to require communities which have their own jurisdiction responsibilities to affect responsible fiscal management. Cities like Flint (and others) have not reacted effectively to the loss of their single focused auto industry base of tax revenue. The issue then falls on the rest of the tax payers in the State. Local control or the idea of maintaining the closest possible connection with the people and their responsibilities of local jurisdiction dates back (in this area) to the Northwest Ordinance of 1785. I believe that we have failed in educating people that individual liberty is directly tied to additional responsibility, not less. There are a lot of problems here and I think that the Governor (whom I voted for) is approaching this problem in ways that appears dictatorial. I do not like his management style. He is doing this as a manager, not as a person whom I would trust. I believe that he must take this case to the people, if he is to receive popular support.

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