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I had a nice chat with my boss yesterday in our weekly meeting. She let me vent a bit about the craziness around the upcoming October recital and choir attendance and “Stewardship the musical.” I told that her Eileen had told me on Tuesday that she thought I was feeling inadequate. This is probably accurate. The frustrating thing is that so many of these things are not that important to me. In fact all of them aren’t that important to me.

I will use the same language tomorrow when I have my biweekly meeting with Dr. Birky.

I am simultaneously reading Hilary Clinton’s What Happened and Tan-Nehisi Coates We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy. There’s really no comparison between the two. Clinton’s book is largely a gossipy rant about what it was like to run for President and lose. Coates is doing something much deeper with his collection of eight articles he published in “The Atlantic.”

For example, the title of the book seems to be derived from an 1895 quote from a black senator about the brief interval of reconstruction after the Civil War before Jim Crow and repression of former slaves by lynching and disenfranchising their votes.

Ginsburg Slaps Gorsuch in Gerrymandering Case | The New Yorker

I kept reading this headline. It’s a figurative “slap.”

I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise. – The Washington Post

This article blew me away. I think I’m changing my mind about how this issue is being discussed. Facts. What a bummer.

Camille Paglia on Hugh Hefner’s Legacy, Trump’s Masculinity and Feminism’s Sex Phobia | Hollywood Reporter

I love Paglia, but take her with a grain of salt. But not as much salt as I take Gloria Steinem with.

Steak Rubs, Gobbledygook and the Future of American Politics – The New York Times

Article on recent oral arguments at the Supreme Court about Gerrymandering.

I love these collections of links defined by partisan category. I haven’t read any of them since the Washington Post article above but think I would now read them a bit differently.

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