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Snapped this pic at the beginning of last night’s service. I resisted further pics telling myself better to be in the moment than taking pictures of it.

Earlier in the afternoon, despite a valiant attempt to rest  up, I began to feel sleepy and a bit depressed. Nice.

Interestingly, the most arduous task for the Easter Vigil turned out to be staying alert and playing the psalms. We used one double chant for the psalms and canticles. Playing organ for this means for each verse I have to carefully play the rhythm pointed or chosen for that particular line. I went through all the psalms earlier in the day. Fucked them up a bit in the pregame but nailed them in the service.

The other challenging moment was the postlude. I pretty much nailed it as people stood and listened. It was a small crowd last night but definitely connected to the liturgy. Playing the postlude intensified the feeling that the evening had been a bit of a marathon. I manged to keep my concentration for all of the piece but a couple measures near the end. Hope I do a little better when I repeat it for this morning’s postlude.

i love church

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