I do enjoy reading concert reports – college perk # 458

Wow! I hope it’s not inappropriate for me to express amazement that every student in my Music Ap class handed in their first concert report on time.
Usually someone manages to hand it in late.

I do enjoy reading people’s comments about concerts.

It never fails that two people will express completely opposite reactions to the same experience (e.g. one person will say they liked a certain piece this most… another person says this was the worst piece on the concert…).

Also some of the students’ observations about performers are astute and would benefit the musicians if they could hear them. One guest Jazz performer apparently breathes very loudly and distracting throughout his performance (many comments on this)…. and it always interests me when students find things too long.

I believe that often we musicians are not as attuned to the audience as we could be in this regard. Granted some ideas take a while to develope and demand a great deal from listeners. But most of the music I hear and play doesn’t actually fall in this category.

Often when audiences are restless a musician just doesn’t know how to keep the listener interested, when to stop or how to say what he/she wants to say in a reasonable length of time for the modern sensibility.

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