hole in the ceiling and pretty good poems


Now’s as good a time as any to post here. Our house has been very disrupted the last two days as the people Eileen hired to insulate our house have been going about their business. I think they are close to done as I write this. It’s quite an extensive process. They put new insulation everywhere: the attic, under all of the siding, and the basement. They poked holes in some of the walls to get to little pockets of space. Eileen is very happy to have this done. I’m happy that she’s happy.

Unfortunately, yesterday while they were using heavy machinery upstairs, they poked a hole in our living room ceiling. According to one worker, it happens but he doesn’t like it when it does. Before they leave today they are planning to repair this.

The Writer’s Almanac for May 16, 2019 | Garrison Keillor

Although I listen to Keilor’s daily Writer’s Almanac, it’s rare that I find a new poet there that interests me. This happened at the above link.
Image result for Keetje Kuipers
Keetje Kuipers’ “Landscape Without” strikes me as a pretty good poem. I’m interested in reading more of her poems. My library only owns ebooks of her poetry. And the “Look Inside!” feature on Amazon only shows the table of contents and no poems.
However, on her website she does link in poems. I’m working my through them. So far, each one seems to be a little gem to me. Here they are:

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