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My time off is drawing to a close. I am more rested than I was at the beginning of this time. I hope it will make a difference in how I weather the upcoming spring schedule of church and college. It probably will.

Oddly enough, I had a peak number of hits yesterday (81). Hard to say what that’s about.


This morning I finished another chapter in The Art of Listening. It was called “London Calling” and was a complex look at the challenges of multiculturalism in London and New York. One quote sticks in my head this morning:

The opposite of to love is not to hate but to separate – John Berger quoted in The Art of Listening by Les Back

Eileen is at her Mom’s, doing her hair and generally helping out this morning. I have been relaxing and reading.

This afternoon I am going to listen to Rhonda and Dave play through my Pentecost Suite for Marimba and Organ.

Yesterday I  stumbled onto an interesting new hip hop album.

Kendrick Lamar, Emboldened, but Burdened, by Success – NYTimes.com

In this article, the writer reviews Lamar’s album, “To Pimp a Butterfly.”

I listened to part of it while treadmilling yesterday.

I like the diversity of the music in it. I have often wondered why hip hop doesn’t use more music. I find it more interesting when the sounds are interesting.

This album is on Spotify (where I listened to it). It’s also on YouTube.

I haven’t parsed the lyrics yet, but I do like the diversity of sounds in it.

And I like the lyrics I can understand.

Daevid Allen, Guitarist, Singer and Founder of Gong and Soft Machine, Dies 

This guy was an early member of The Soft Machine, a group I admire. I’ve marked his obit as containing music I want to Spotify and check out.

Samuel Charters, Foundational Scholar of the Blues, Dies at 85 – NYTimes.com

Another interesting music obit.

Scientists Seek Ban on Method of Editing the Human Genome – NYTimes.com

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a sci fi novel. Very cool and interesting article

French Parliament Debates Weight Standards for Fashion Models – NYTimes.com

In order to prevent anorexia as a industry standard.

Remains in Madrid Are Believed to Be Those of Cervantes – NYTimes.com

Another hero of mine: Miguel de Cervantes.




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