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I had fun yesterday. My grandson Nicholas and I managed to get some time together. We went out to buy a printer. Then we ended up having lunch together. Nicholas is 18 years old and it was great fun to have him to myself for a bit for some chat.

My granddaughters,  Savannah and Catherine, were off with Cynthia and Eileen shopping having an additional ear piercing.

Then last night we all traipsed over to a nearby outdoor performance of “The Beauty and the Beast” which was startling well done.

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Cynthia made sure we arrived early enough to get places on the benches.


The audience gradually grew until sunset when there had to be at least 5K people in it.

The performance was polished and well  miked. There was a full pit orchestra. Watching over 50 people in the chorus/dancers made me realize how effective spectacle can be when well done.

This is a free performance underwritten by local businesses and sponsors.

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Today I have arranged to meet my son, David. Eileen and I will take him out for a  meal and catch up.

Zadie Smith’s Right to Be Wrong | The New Republic

This is a confused but interesting take on Smith’s most recent short story in the New Yorker. I read Smith’s story in my own subscription copy of The New Yorker, linked it here, and listened to her read it online. It is a perplexing piece, but I don’t think this critic quite gets it right.

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