happy new year at jupe’s


So my fam left yesterday afternoon. It was great having them around. My  Mom is back in her assisted care facility. Eileen and I will probably go over and check on her today. She seemed tired but happy to be back yesterday. The Jenkins clan stopped off to say hello on their way back home. That must have delighted her.

I had some leg work left to do. The full care facility doctor had not signed Mom’s prescriptions for her release. The assisted care facility is unable to administer meds without this. So I was doing follow up on it. Which meant marking time until I could pick up the signed “scrips” (as they call them). I called Heartland (the full care facility where Mom has been staying) and was pleasantly surprised to find that not only had the doctor there signed the scrips they had faxed them to Mom’s assisted care facility. Cool.

So I didn’t have to go out. Eileen and I didn’t have much energy left in us. We spent the evening watching movies on the computer. Happy New Year.


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