happy hiatus


We are experience a happy hiatus of a worker-free home at this point. They have done as much as they can do. Now they are waiting on the asbestos removers to come. This could take quite some time. We leave for the annual Jenkins retreat at the Hatch Grayling cabin on next Monday. Eileen has several days in Chicago coming up. An ALA convention. I have not done anything about attending the regional AGO convention during this same period.  I think I might be still a bit burnt out from the past year of work.

Before vacation, I have one more project of moving stuff around for the workers. I have asked them to install an electric plug in the dining room specifically for the treadmill. The treadmill specs recommend this. Unfortunately I will have to clear my computer and a bookcase out of the way in order for them to access the wall. I probably won’t get to that for  a day or so.

Here are a few links I have been neglecting to put up.

1. The True Deservers of a Food Prize – NYTimes.com

Nice list of food people worth following. I liked this quote:

In this day hunger comes not because there is not enough food; it comes because some are unable to either buy it or produce it. Hunger represents inequality: there are no hungry people with money. Alleviating hunger, in part, is recognizing that the right to eat is equivalent to the right to breathe, which trumps the right to make profits.

2. Slurs Against Italy’s First Black National Official Spur Debate on Racism – NYTimes.com

Some racism that’s not American. Unusual.

3. 2 Executed by Hamas as Informers – NYTimes.com

I find the killing disturbing.

4.Supreme Court Weighs Cases Redefining Legal Equality – NYTimes.com

I’m still processing the rulings this week. This article helped me thinking about formal and dynamic equality in our society.

5. Inspiring Mayberry, and Then Becoming It – NYTimes.com

This is kind of an old link. I didn’t know that Mayberry seemed to be inspired by the real little town Andy Griffith came from, Mount Airy, North Carolina.

6. Brazil’s Vinegar Uprising – NYTimes.com

I love the fact that a kerfuffle about vinegar is so wrong headed. Both the idea that vinegar can be used to alleviate tear gas effects and the idea that it is a possible ingredient in explosives are completely false. This has a “V is for Vendetta” feel to me.



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