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I have been going through the readings for Chapter 7 in the JACT Greek text I use for a year or so.¬† I put the Greek on the left side of the page with lots of space, then translate the word and often identify it’s grammatical function. The right hand side is reserved for study notes (which I use often). This morning it occurred to me that would be a good way to study Homer (the original inspiration for this insane task in my 60s).¬†Surely there were online resources for this.

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It turns out there are amazing online resources for studying Homer. Tuft University has extensive texts online. In the Odyssey resource, each Greek word is a link to the very things I am interested in knowing about it.

I have looked at this website before, but this morning I had an “aha” moment. I now have enough grammatical understanding and vocab that it is time for me to tackle the Odyssey.

It helps that Emily Wilson’s wonderful recent translation has exactly the same number of lines as Homer. Each of her lines are not a direct translation of the Homeric line, however, I am putting her line by line translation into my new Odyssey notebook on the right page.

This is exciting for me. Today I began working on this in earnest after several years preparation. I am planning to continue working in the JACT text simultaneously.

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