got up a bit grumpy


Wednesday is very long day for this old guy. It begins with an 8:30 AM class and last night ended around 9 PM with going over the Easter Exultet with three cantors post choir rehearsal. Whew.

I missed exercising and thus reading my daily New York Times. This morning I got up, made coffee and read yesterday’s paper online.

I had to access the internet via my phone since our Comcast connection is now so slow I can’t even get the speed test web site to load much less tell me how slow my connection is. I spoke with someone from Comcast briefly yesterday before choir rehearsal. I found it very annoying that the operator began our conversation by trying to sell me a different cable package. I pointed out to him that what I had was not working and I was not interested in purchasing something but fixing what I had.

I know the poor dude was probably working from a script. I wonder if they really do monitor customer calls and if they have some sort of evaluation form they tally stuff in as they do. Surely I’m not the only customer to complain about sales approaches when I am reporting a problem with service. But I like everyone else am at the mercy of one or two Internet Service Providers who along with all the corporations control our lives and limit our choices.

Oops. I guess I got up a bit grumpy this morning.

Here are a few links from my morning reading of yesterday’s paper.

China Executes 3 Over Deadly Knife Attack at Train Station in 2014 – NYT

I didn’t realize this knife attack took place in Kunming. Kunming is where my daughter Elizabeth and her then-partner-now-husband Jeremy lived for a while. Eileen and I had a very pleasant visit there.

Behind a Veil of Anonymity, Online Vigilantes Battle the Islamic State –

This story and the next are examples of the weird way tech has changed the world. This story is about people on Twitter attempting to harass, block and remove radical extremists from social media.

Indian Court Voids Law That Curbed Offensive Online Posts –

This is about a law that has been used to convict and jail people for stuff they put on Facebook and other social media in India. I think that’s very odd.

China Puts a Hitch in the Step of ‘Dancing Grannies’ –

Finally a story about dancing grannies. What’s not to like about that?

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