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I had a lot of hits here yesterday. I never quite know what that means since I only glance at the google analytics embed on the WordPress dashboard for my blog and leave it at that/


Last night in one of my dreams I couldn’t find my organ shoes. I was scheduled to perform an organ piece and also another piece (guitar?) in a round robin of performances. I wasn’t particularly stressed in the dream. I mention it because I haven’t put on my organ shoes since June. I left them at church. If they are gone I do have a back up pair.

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This time off from my job has been very helpful. I can feel a better perspective clicking into place.  My song, “Chain of Command,” keeps going through my head ever since I tuned up the old martin and ran through it a few times.

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Thank goodness, I wrote songs down. Even then I have to remember how I played them since the notes on the guitar are so redundant. (One can usually play notes in several ways on the neck) I am planning to make some notes to further clarify “Chain of Command.”


I just listened to an old mp3 of this song. It’s not near as bad as I remember my recordings being.I think I made and mixed this recording on an old digital recorder I used to own. I eventually gave it to a rock band that lived next to us for a while with the caveat that they not come and ask me questions about how to use it.

I feel like this vacation has jerked me back into a sense of myself. I like “Chain of command” and realize that I don’t really have much commercial potential but actually I never have had that much appeal, just intense enjoyment of doing music.

This persists.

So I need to work a lot less harder at my gig, while still maintaining my high standards when possible ( this happens a lot under the wise counsel of Rev Jen).

And I need to put more energy into what I love: reading, studying, practicing. I’m not sure about composing. I have had a couple glimmers of something I might to like to write while on vacation, but so far have managed to resist them. When I compose I become even more obsessed and tend to immerse myself in the process. That might be more fun when I am working instead of trying to goof off.

Before Eileen got back from Whitehall yesterday, I returned to organizing my books. This is very satisfying. I think I can get a lot done before this vacation is over. During vacation I have found time to alphabetize by author K-S. I think I can finished T-V this week. The next step would be to look harder at A-J which is not as clearly organized as what I have been doing.

So one last week to read, practice, and study. Life is good.

It’s True: Trump Is Lying More, and He’s Doing It on Purpose | The New Yorker

To read.

The Lasting Trauma of Alex Jones’s Lies – The Atlantic

To read.

NYTimes: The Gift of Menopause

I relate to this article.

Ai Wei Wei’s Beijing Studio Destroyed By Chinese Authorities : NPR

I admire this artist and his work.

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