gone on vacation?

Since I’m not sure how much access I will have to the internet for the next week, this might be my last blog until a week from Monday.

I spent yesterday madly trying to do all the things I needed to do before driving away today. I have to play service this morning so that included a time of sitting at the organ bench rehearsing. In addition I bought a bunch of fresh food at the farmer’s market: Heirloom tomatoes, chevre, cherries, blueberries, melon, arugula, basil, feta and an interesting local cheese called Tomme de Deux Laits Cheese.

Then I came home, put stuff away, and went grocery shopping. After grocery shopping I had lunch with Eileen. Drove back with her and parked her car in reserved employee parking since the annual “art” festival, “Art in the Park,” pretty much takes over the downtown and library area parking.

I went in and looked for Christian romances to tide my Mom over while I’m gone. This took a while. Then dropped them off with enough Hershey bars to last her a week.

It was then I went to church and practiced. Came home and made pesto to take with me today for use as a meal at the cabin. Treadmilled. Danced with the TV (Just Dance Exercise video I try to use).  That was it for me. I was exhausted. I showered, sipped wine, ordered pizza and awaited beautiful Eileen who came home exhausted and hungry (good thing I had pizza waiting).

This morning I was up before five packing clothes and foodstuff. A bat greeted me in the kitchen but obliging quickly flew out the open back door with a little coaxing.

I plan to blog intermittently if I get easy access to the Internet. If not, I will console myself with conversation, reading, studying, practicing, eating and drinking.

Life is rough.


Siletz Language, With Few Voices, Finds Modern Way to Survive – NYTimes.com

The preservation of cultures and language fascinate me.


The House Reprimands One of Its Own – NYTimes.com

Is it me or are most elected government officials creepy?


After Warnings of an Olympic Crush, Businesses Suffer in a Deserted London – NYTimes.com

Who would have guessed? The anxious warnings about crowding kept the crowds away.


The Curious Case of Chavis Carter – NYTimes.com

Another young black man mysteriously dead. This time in the back of a police cruiser.


Congress Goes Postal – NYTimes.com

So, no Postal Service bill. You can’t deal with every single thing, and the House had a lot on its to-do list, such as voting to repeal the Obama health care law on 33 separate occasions.

It’s hard not to see a lot of the inaction of the government as related to the instant post election resolve to unseat that guy Obama.


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