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If you do nothing else today, contact your senator and object to this bill.

20 Things You Should Know About the Bill That Could Ruin America

good site for this: http://www.congress.org

I was surprised yesterday to run across a shop downtown that sells used reel to reels. The Sony TC 366 (the one above) is marked $100 and the Akai 4000DS MK II (the one below) $250.

I researched them last night. Accordingly my reading tells me that the condition of the particular recorders are more important than one model over the other. I am sorely tempted to go buy one of these today despite it being the season that Eileen and I are purchasing Xmas gifts for other people.

I have dozens of tapes laying around. Some of my father  singing, my grandfather singing and preaching and myself and others performing. Would love to convert them to digital files via one of these machines.

Plus reel to reels are such fun.

Also pleasantly surprised that the person behind the counter at the local newstand was so helpful and actually familiar with books. Cool.

Eileen and I noticed that we were making a special effort to buy local.  Many of my extended family have threatened to swear off Amazon and buy local. It’s admirable and I actually do try to buy a lot from local business.

Eileen and I usually shop at Barnes and Noble in December and usually purchase their discount card. This year we chose to check out Readers World first. Since they had much of what was on my list, I went ahead even ordered books through them.

I even ordered a CD from the local CD store as well.

Eileen and I had a nice lunch at the 8th Street Grille.

I continued my local theme and ordered a sampler of mostly Michigan beers.

They come in these nifty 4 oz glasses on a wooden tray a bit like the one above.

This is a beer from Royal Oak Michigan. I sampled it because Eileen likes red ales. She liked this one as well.

Wake up the Dead is a stout made in Colorado.  It’s described this way: “Hints of raisins, black licorice, coffee and dark chocolate are followed by earthy, herbal hop notes.” I quite liked it.

Bell’s Christmas Ale is brewed in Kalamazoo. It’s kind of odd. It has a spicy start and then a more beer like finish. It had me grabbing for the description. I was surprised to find that all of its spiciness comes only from roasted hops and malts.  I admit that made it a bit more intriguing for me.

Finished off Cabin Fever brown ale brewed right here in Holland by a member of my congregation. Description from the web site: “Its rye, roast and raisin notes play off a subtle caramel sweetness and culminate in a dry finish.” I liked this and the Wake up the Dead the best. Unfortunately Cabin Fever is a seasonal beer.  I hope that doesn’t mean they will run out before I can treat my brother to a taste when he visits (Hi Mark!).


Death on the Streets Prompts a Life on the Roof – NYTimes.com

This man inspires me.


All the G.O.P.’s Gekkos – NYTimes.com

A pretty even-handed look at “Greed is good.”


The Gingrich Tragedy – NYTimes.com

I see my buddy and long time reader, Johnny Keene has posted a link to this on Facebook. Interesting take on Gingrich from someone who has admired him.


Twitter Tries to Simplify Its Service – NYTimes.com

My Twitter doesn’t look different to me. I suspect this is a phone app change.


‘Krapp’s Last Tape,’ With John Hurt, at BAM – Review – NYTimes.com

One of my fondest memories of visits to the U.K. was grabbing last minute tickets to see John Hurt do this play. He and the play are incredible. I love Beckett, anyway. But Hurt was phenomenal.

Now he’s in this new movie that I will have to see, since I also am very fond of John LeCarre.

‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,’ With Gary Oldman – Review – NYTimes.com


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  1. Johnny Keene

    Jonny Keen

    I try to buy local, but you pay a lot more money for books and CD’s-I think local merchants should give discounts to loyal customers-peace Jonny Keen (Gingrich makes me want throw up.)

    1. I know that you are pretty loyal customer to Full Circle. I have extended family that are getting more and more insistent on doing stuff local. They have been talking about boycotting Amazon. I’m not planning on doing that but thought it might be nice to do a bit more local buying this year. Your comment on Gingrich made me smile. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

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