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Well, I’m still feeling goofy after an evening of performing. This is part of the deal for me. I tend to have an odd emotional hangover. When I perform music of any kind I try to enter entirely into the music. This makes it exhausting, emotionally and even physically.

There were some good moments last night in our set. “So many people” came off pretty well as did the little jazz tune featuring Nate the bass player: “Splanky.”

This is Nate. I took the pic off his facebook.

I felt that I ended weak. I hate that. “Why did the elephant cross the road?” is quite an ordeal to perform.

Each section ends with a word that both ends a thought and begins the next one. This creates a song with very little time to catch your breath, figuratively and literally.

And the dang thing is getting too high for me to sing. I guess it’s not changing it’s my voice aging. My wife sensibly suggested putting it down a key. When I perform it on the piano this is suddenly feasible. The guitar version utilizes so many open drone keys that I would have to tune the guitar down a step.


The crowd was subdued last night.

They seemed attentive. Hard to tell with the lights blaring in your eyes. The quiet little Arvo Part tune once again held an audience’s attention. Never fails to amaze me.

And of course at the end of the evening I was shocked when Matt the club owner handed me enough cash to pay for the piano rental and give Nate and me fifty bucks each. Wow. I admit it. I hugged him.

When I thanked him for asking me to play, he smiled and said something like he needed to bring me in to show to the youngsters periodically. Heh.

So upward and onward.

Now if I can just figure out how to get Ebay to let pay for Eileen’s new loom.

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